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Now that I have a moment to myself here, I would like to thank everyone involved in the production and release of the latest Feeding Fingers album, "I Won't Eat the Horror". This project started just before the pandemic became the problem that it is today. We initially intended to create this album for our audience and to organize a concert tour around it, unfortunately everything changed. 

The album was completed remotely between the group's bassist, Brad Claborn in the United States and myself here in Italy during the particularly severe "lockdown" cycles that we experienced in this country throughout 2020 - which we are still dealing with now, albeit on a slightly less restrictive basis than what we were dealing with before. 

Given the uncertainty of the situation we are all experiencing now, we are unable to make any realistic rehearsal or tour plans. Therefore, we have decided to release this album for you all so that you may have something new to listen to from us, rather than allowing it to sit in our recording archive for another year. 

Now that this album is released, I will be returning to work on the next series of songs and music for three other albums that I have in mind. Hopefully by the time that our next album is ready, we will be able to tour again so that we may see you all IN PERSON. 

"I Won't Eat the Horror" has become one of my three personal favorite Feeding Fingers albums. I feel this way likely for the fact that Bradley and I worked more closely together on the composition and production of this album than we ever had before. He offered elements, suggestions and starting points on these songs that I never would have considered on my own. The result, according to my ears, gives something new and fresh to our discography. After having worked more closely with Bradley, I am now more interested than ever before on what new directions the music in this project might take in the future. The constant evolution of the sound of this project is one of the main things that has kept me pushing it forward through the years. I believe that this project is far from finished. 

Additionally, I would like to thank Agnieszka Wyszła for having created the artwork for the album. Agnieszka ("Kulka" as we call her) is a fantastically talented artist and dear friend of ours based in Warsaw – a place which has been experiencing its own share of extreme difficulties (to put it lightly) lately beyond the pandemic as we all know. I hope only that Kulka was able to find some joy in this difficult period through the creation of the paintings that she did for the album. I believe that she did, for the results still make me smile. 

I would also like to thank our friends and long-time creative collaborators Steven Lapcevic and Tom Brown for the wonderful music videos that they made for this album. Steven's video for “Stapled to Your House” was a much-needed spiritual boost when it arrived to me. It stands as one of my favorite music videos that he has made for Feeding Fingers – one of many. Tom's video for “Goodbyes That Last for Years” also came as an enormous motivator for me during this difficult time. His fascinating use of artificial intelligence and image generation always fills me with wonder and curiosity. I hope that we can all work together on something else for you all again this year. 

I would also like to thank Jim Battan ("Coyote J") for always being there for me and the group as a mentor and for his constant support and encouragement. If it were not for this man, “Wound in Wall”, released back 2007, would have likely had been the only album from Feeding Fingers. 

I would also like to thank G. for having kept me together in many different ways during these particularly difficult past three years. I have seen and experienced more death (starting with that of my father suddenly and unexpectedly), sickness, disappointment, rage and setbacks since the Spring of 2018 than I care to write or talk about. If it were not for her, I am not so certain about what condition I would find myself in right now. I owe my life to her. 

There are also my supporters via Patreon (patreon.com/justincurfman) that I would like to thank here for the fact that if not for their help and reliable support, I would not be able to afford myself the time to work on new music. It is no secret that revenue streams for artists of all sorts have been mostly exhausted as of late – no concerts, no worthwhile recording contracts, no bulk physical sales, etc.. Thank you for doing what you can to keep the lights on here. 

As all of you who listen to this group probably know, I am not particularly interested in winning any popularity contests. My primary concern about my work in this group and my work in other things in general is that I give my best to what I do and to create and release that which I feel good about giving to you all. I have a genuine appreciation for all of you who have been listening to this project through the years. It still humbles me that you choose to listen to us when you all have a near-unlimited choice of music in the world. It means everything to me that you are all still out there. I just hope that when this ugly period passes that we can tour again so that we may play all of this music for you in person. That is, in my opinion, the best way for me to say “thank you” to everyone of you out there. I will do everything that I can do to make sure that it happens as soon as possible. 

Now that “I Won't Eat the Horror” is available everywhere and is making the rounds, I will be taking a new studio and starting on the next Feeding Fingers albums this weekend. More music and other items of interest outside of my work with the group will be coming soon. I have heard the word “no” too often lately... 




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Portrait of Justin Curfman by: 

Agnieszka Wyszła

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