Feeding Fingers' 8th Album in Production


Justin here. The band and I are hard at work on composing, performing and recording the forthcoming 8th Feeding Fingers album which we hope to have ready for you all at some point in 2022. 

Given the obvious limitations that the music community has and has had since last year with regard to touring, etc. our income stream for funding this project has been severely hindered. 

For this reason I ask that if you are in a comfortable position financially to contribute to the production of our next album in the form of a donation, it would be greatly appreciated and noted by all of us. 

We are able to accept contributions via PayPal or via cryptocurrency at:


Please contact us via email at tephramedia@gmail.com for PayPal info.


Bitcoin: bc1qplxygzq7faentvmq70l3measg2x9dp4ym83jqy 

Ethereum: 0x29A4b6e06c05F80DcfA75243af0FD2bB25c76fED 

If you choose to send a donation, please message us to let us know so that we can confirm its arrival with you. 

As ever, thank you for making 15 years of Feeding Fingers possible. This project would not have had its longevity without you all. 

Justin / FF

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