Justin Curfman is a multi-disciplined artist and language professional who explores various forms of creative expression. He is also a polyglot who speaks Italian, English, and German fluently, and has worked as a teacher, translator, interpreter, and cultural liaison.

Born Atlanta, Georgia, in 1980 and starting his career path when he started playing guitar and piano at the age of 12, Justin soon developed an interest and passion for languages, literature, the arts and in composing and recording music. 

In 2006, he formed his music group, Feeding Fingers - a band that has experimented with various musical genres and styles over the years. Their music is difficult to categorize, but it could be described as a fusion of dark-wave, indie rock, avant-garde, electro, jazz, punk, world music and more. They have created a unique and diverse sound that reflects their artistic vision and influences. Their studio albums are: Wound in Wall (2006), Baby Teeth (2009), Detach Me from My Head (2010), The Occupant (2013), Attend (2015), Do Owe Harm (2018), and I Won’t Eat the Horror (2021). The group has also released a series of EPs, live albums and singles as well. He has toured the USA and Europe several times with his group, playing concerts with acts such as Nitzer Ebb, David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, etc.) IAMX and many others.

Justin is also a music composer for various media other projects. He has created original scores for several of his own award-winning short films using stop-motion animation techniques. His films have been screened at various festivals and venues around the world. His films have also been included in the study curricula of universities in Canada - perhaps most notably his film Tephrasect (2004).

He has also composed music for the national theater circuit of Italy (Naples - Teatro Bellini), including that for the award-winning piece, Camille (2020), a ballet based on the text by Dacia Maraini. 

Some of his other film music composition credits include Dust Box (2012), Regissören (2011), Beloved Beast (2018) among others. 

He has also composed music for video games such as Perception (2017) as well as for TV shows including Ghost Adventures and BrainPop.

He has also written and published five books of fiction and graphic novels. His books include Catalog of Absurdity (2003), Expiration Date: A Graphic Novel (2005), Fragments from Tephra (2011), TICKS: The Illustrated Storybook (2012), and Wrecker: A Novel (2012). He has also contributed to several avant-garde and speculative fiction journals.

As a visual artist, he has exhibited his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and installations in various galleries and museums. His artworks often reflect his fascination with the human condition, the subconscious mind, and the metaphysical aspects of reality.

He has lived in both Germany and Italy (where he resides now) for more than fourteen years, where he works as a language teacher and cultural intermediary both privately and at various schools and institutions.

In addition to his artistic and linguistic activities, he is also a certified pedagogue via the Bundesfreiwilligendienst (BFD) and Lebenshilfe in Bavaria, Germany where he has worked with children and adults who have various cognitive, physical and linguistic disabilities. During his time there he gained valuable experience and skills in supporting people with special needs while simultaneously promoting their inclusion in society.

He currently lives in Naples, Italy where he is working on his eighth album with Feeding Fingers while continuing his professional career as a language expert and cultural mediator.